Art styles by different British artists

The next short article will look at three areas of art that Britain has been influential in.

Music is potentially the most interacted with art form of them all, and element of that is because there is so much of it out there, and much of it is created by British artists or songwriters. Whilst many people think of the US as the main player in English language music, Britain has created a considerable amount of great music as well. As with every art form there is a good deal of scope and variation in the art, and that is reflected by British producers such as Brian Eno, who has a wide choice of various styles in his discography. Music is ever evolving and producers like the one mentioned have helped to create new art forms. You can see loads of British acts at festivals all over the world or at one off gigs in venues all around the UK, finding tickets to some of the most sought after can be difficult so finding events ahead of time is seriously crucial.

If you go to any art gallery you will find some artwork created by British artists. London has many incredible art galleries, such as the one directed by Alex Farquharson, which is one of the most well-known in the English capital. The gallery, located in central London, includes a few of the most recognisable work, made by artists from around the world and from every era. An exciting exhibition they have and something actually worth a visit is all about the history of British art. The fantastic thing about art galleries is the multitude in types of fine art that they have on show, ranging from classical sculptures and portraits to more abstract work from more recent times.

A popular form of art in the UK that you can discover in each city and significant town are plays and musical productions. These productions might be greatly varied, from epic dramas to light hearted comedies or even pantomimes. The varied nature of this type of art might be why it is so well-known, there is usually some thing for anyone’s preference. There is a great array in terms of shows as well, from high-end locations in the West End, like the plays by Sally Greene, to small productions by youth groups or schools. Experiencing a more unknown perform or musical in a charming little venue can be equal to going to watch a classic perform in one of the bigger venues in London. What is certain nevertheless, is that Britain has had an immense influence on this type of art; from Shakespearean classics to the staggering number of modern British playwrights and producers. There are sometimes small local groups as well, that will integrate anybody in their shows, so creating a community feel and they will frequently collect cash for numerous charitable groups.

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